Make the invisible visible

If you can’t see it, you can’t forecast it. eOdyn offers a unique data set that delivers insight on ocean dynamics where no other solutions are available.

Observe anywhere and anytime

eOdyn brings multi-scale information on surface currents and enable real-time monitoring or historical analysis on all oceans

Save time and cut costs

No dedicated system to deploy and to maintain. Maritime Big Data and machine learning enable ocean monitoring as a service.

We deliver near real-time observations

By fusing satellite imagery with real-time Omni-Situ data, we delivers relevant insights. Our eObserver platform provides a real view of the surface circulation. Monitoring oceanic features and events is easier than ever.

Monitor oceans, analyze dynamics, take actions

Whether you’re in shipping industry, geospatial services, maritime security, research or business intelligence, our Omni-Situ data can help. Make better decisions with better information.

“Oceanic streams play a major role in the global climate system and Omni-Situ measurements reveal ocean dynamics more than ever before, providing us with a chance to better understand what is going…wrong.”

Yann Guichoux – eOdyn co-founder

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